*The cat on the pot
Near the window
Bird sentinel looking for an echo.

*I close my eyes in the wind
Become a child again
Riding on a fast horse
To get free in the wild.

*The black bird smiles to me
The answer is all around.

*Blue dark sky, the wind whispers beautiful love poetry.
Cats are laughing.

*The face of the tree in its fancy solitude
Is the memory of old precious songs.

*Green lights and nights of delight
Dancing barefoot, screaming inside.
Follow me.

*Sometimes she wears her rainbow socks
And begins to dance all around
Singing an old magic song, her eyes open
To the wild world
When the sky and the sea are dreaming in blue
And the light of the sun gets all alive.

*The sky is pink tonight
And the moon waits for a sign.
Listen the strange night.

*This is the autumn in Paris and the city smells the odor of the rain.

*The wind blows its name on my window.
Just a cup of tea
I think of you.
It has rained softly all day.
The cat is near the door
I wait for you.

*Have you ever felt magical light, when all seems motionless?
Rays of the sun dissipate themselves all over under the trees.
Everything seems to be veiled in fog.
And you can look at people which are in another space and another time.
You see them but you are out like a spectator who looks at a frozen frame.

*The storm comes to my window on furious drops and tearing lights.
Cats run all around pulling and groaning, their tail in question mark.
Your voice passes the detonation and you rejoin the sirens.

*Close your eyes and smell the life like the fresh green grassÖ

*The silence of the vacuum of the depths makes me hard to breathe.

*Red blue sky and hope of a smile, just need a friend in light.

*Do not hit again, do not shout again, do not cry alone, open the door.

*Wind, rain on the window and your life in fine drops before the storm.

*The black mirror of your eyes shines with desire before despair.

*Sigh, hand trembling, listening all sounds, stay alive.

*Listen to what beats more and more. The grin of death will be over.

*Dark morning, cold light, wake you up this nightmare. Sing and see.

*Outside laugh, inside tears but go high and take place with the feast.

*Run, run, run so is it a new way of going? Stars wonít lie.

*Donít go, donít stay. No love and confusion will be the end.

*No words, no sound only the silence. So crazy about you, wonder.

*Eyes, nose, mouth, skin, hair and more of in the sea. Just was. Soul.

*Living souls inspired me and the wild beauty filled me.

*It has rained all day
The roofs stream in gray
And my heart cries all tears
Nobody to trust is my fear.

(summer and autumn 2010)